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    Free Information on Fishing From a Canoe, Canoe Camping, & Wilderness Camping

Welcome to CanoeCampFish.Com, your free information site for tips for fishing from a canoe and canoe camping. I bring over 20 years of experience of fishing and camping from a canoe to this site.  Perhaps you don't think a canoe is suitable for fishing, but consider the following:

  • A canoe can be as inexpensive as $400 (used) plus another $50 for paddles and car carriers.  Compare this to the cost of a boat, trailer, motor, gas, and storage. Money saving home-made canoe gear and home-made camping gear are presented on this site.
  • A canoe is easy to store and may be transported with a small economy car, as compared to the mid or full-sized vehicle required to tow a boat. Storage and transporting suggestions are given on this site.
  • A canoe can get you into places a boat will not go. Many of these places offer unmatched fishing. Tips for finding these good fishing spots are given on this site. Also, tips for river fishing are included.
  • A canoe offers some quality exercise.  On this site, I explain how the work you put into paddling also produces some fine fishing results.
  • Canoe camping in wilderness areas such as the Boundary Waters Canoe Area offers an unmatched experience. On this site, I provide a Wilderness Camping Checklist, along with tips for wilderness camping. Also, I provide some ideas for saving money on wilderness camping gear.
  • A canoe offers simplicity. No motor to tune up. No trailer wheels to grease, no boat ramps to get stuck in, no trailers to back around corners!

I'm not getting down on boat owners - heck, now that my kids are getting too big (and numerous) to fit in a canoe, I even had to resort to boat fishing in the last year! I am just suggesting you give the "art" of camping and fishing from a canoe a try.


Here I am with my best "catch", my wife Renee! This was a "self photo" taken in the Boundary Waters on a trip we took shortly after we were married.


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