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Unique Camping Gear - More Homemade Stuff

Bring your own fire grate in wilderness areas where a grate is not provided.  The old grill top shown below works well.  Check around at a dump, or ask your friends, family, or neighbors if they have an old grill top sitting around that they can part with. Just store it in a doubled up garbage bag.

Place this over a couple of big rocks - instant cooktop!

The saw shown below is very inexpensive and the blade may be found at just about any hardware store. I found that this saw cut so much better than my portable saw that I just started using it instead. Notice that the blade is covered with a piece of wood that was ripped on a table saw and cut to accommodate the saw and its blade. The end is covered with a "bumper" so as to not tear through your expensive pack.

Use a bungee cord to keep the blade guard on

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