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Pictures of Fish and Camping Photos
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My First Big Pike!

BWCA Campsite

With Paul - Friend and Fishing Buddy

An Extreme Makeover To Cope With the Bugs!

Renee, Waiting For Me To Bring Her Breakfast

Renee and Some Big Pike - She Caught One of Them

Morning in BWCA - There Was a Moose Swimming

Sunset on a BWCA Lake From Unforgetable Trip

Paul & I Again - A Great River Trip!

Paddling in The BWCA, Dragging A Lure Behind

The "Gang" at a BWCA Lake

Out of the Canoe and Fishing From The "Chair"

Fishing Lost Lake - This Really Was a Lost Lake!

Portaging Old "Iron Sides" - it Weighed About #200!

A Mixed Bag of Pike, Walleye, and Bass

Wilderness Deer Are Big! Don't Try This At Home!

Renee's Preferred Way of Fishing

Pike Caught in BWCA

Ready To Portage

Musky Caught in 4ft Deep Stream

This Was One Big Pike!

Portaging Through The Woods

David and I With Big Catfish & Bass

Yes You Can Balance a Pike in January!

David With Bass We Caught From Canoe

Mark With a Big Perch He Caught

A Bucket of Frozen Fish Caught on Subzero Day

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